The Foundation
Our Logo- a combination of the Greek letter PHI and the genetic symbol of the double helix.
When you turn 70, any philosopher will tell you to start planning for the future of your park without yourselves. A good way is to create a Foundation. You find half a dozen of your friends who love nature and wisdom as much you do and you ask them to join in the enterprise.

The task of this Foundation is to guarantee that the Philosophical Park will be well kept also in the future. The small paths in the wilderness should be kept open. The little repairs that are due once in a while should be done. Unexpected surprises are normal. Much money may not be needed, but one important task of the foundation is to collect a capital, big enough to pay for this type of maintenance year out and year in for the future. At the moment there are some 60,000 euro in it.  The hope is that, before the founding couple disappeares,  there will be a solid financial basis for covering the yearly expenses "for ever" which, in Italy, is said to be not more than three months after the decease of the founders, unless you are financially well equipped.  Anybody who wants to contribute to this "eternal life", please see “Donations” below!  She or he, however small your contribution, will also enter the "Book of Benefactors" of the Park.

The formal name of the non-profit institution that will own, operate and maintain the Park is “Fondazione Adler-Ehrnford-Karlsson”. Its seat is c/o Studio d’Aniello, Corso Vittorio Emmanuele 167/3, IT-80121 Napoli, Italy.

The Board of directors – il Consiglio Direttivo - consists of the following persons:
  • Prof. Gunnar Adler-Karlsson, president
  • Dott.ssa Marianne Ehrnford-Karlsson, vice president
  • Dott.ssa Luciana Arbace,  consigliere
  • Dott. Vincenzo d’Aniello, ,  consigliere
  • Sig. Michele Maresca, ,  consigliere
  • Avv. Vito Mazzarelli, ,  consigliere
  • Ing. Peter H. Müller, ,  consigliere
  • Ambassador Staffan Wrigstad, ,  consigliere
  • Auditors – Revisori – are:
  • Dott. D’Onofrio Mario, presidente
  • Dott. Mario Serpone
  • Rag. Antonino de Turris