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I never applied for a job, unless I was asked to do so. Thus I never had to formulate a formal CV. Here you, instead, will find three items. The first - I - is an appetiser, a translation into English from my Swedish "Memories by an inflated bacteria" about a few of the funny things I did in life. The second part - II - is "instead of a CV" with the essential data of my life. The third - III - is a list of some 80 publications, listed in the Swedish Royal Library.

Here comes number I:


Fifteen minutes of fame.

Andy Warhol once suggested that it was everybody’s human right in life to get fifteen minutes of fame. I got mine after my first two books in 1967-68. One was a theory of democratic “Functional Socialism” that was translated in a dozen languages from Japan to Argentine and, especially, in zamisdat form in Eastern Europe. The other was the first serious analysis of the economic side of the Cold War, a U.S.-led embargo policy, a “Western Economic Warfare” that affected every single country in the world, arguably the first truly global policy, a model for what is now happening at the top level in the world.

On four out of 319 pages I had some material on Sweden which the Swedish political-economic-academic complex disliked and chased me out of Sweden. Instead I got a number of invitations which permitted me to study man’s behaviour up close.

Among my many tasks was to be an UNCTAD expert on East-West trade, economic advisor to the Shah of Iran, embargo-expert to Castro’s Cuba, development advisor in East Africa including Idi Amins’ Uganda. I was invited, the only Swede, to the West German social democratic 150-years celebration of the birth of Charly Marx, a scientific board member in the only Soviet-owned institute for social studies in Western Europe, the Institut für den Frieden in Wien, expert to the Swedish delegation to the first U.N. population conference in Bukarest in 1974, and for a handful of years part-time researcher at the rather anti-communist Vienna Institut für vergleichende Wirtschaftstudien.

On the other side of the Atlantic, my theory of democratic socialism was translated in Canada under the title “Saving the Canadian Economy” from the big bad U:S. influence. Together with a Danish sex queen, Susanne Brögger, and a good Swedish author, Sven Delblanc, I represented Scandinavia in the “Hundred anniversary of Scandinavian Studies in North America”, at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The Danes then made me professor at a Marxist academic madhouse. And finally I was invited to become member of an excellent group of thinkers in the mayor American foreign policy “think tank”, The Council of Foreign Relations in New York, given the task of trying to formulate a foreign policy for the United States in the 1980’s.

Life can certainly be less interesting! You might ask how I could mix all these communist  and capitalist jobs? The answer is that I have always been curious about everything but never had another ideology but “Mariannism”!

Almost all of these jobs resulted in some book which you can find below. These jobs also became ingrediences in the soup of experience that has resulted in this Philosophical Park.

As a schoolboy in Sweden I learned the famous saying of our statesman Axel Oxenstierna some 350 years ago: “My son, if you knew with how little wisdom the world is ruled.” My hope is that this Park, which Marianne and I have created, in an infinitesimal way might increase that little wisdom.

And now, over to something like a formal curriculum vitae, II:


 1933Born in Karlshamn, SwedenHitler rises to power in Germany 
 1954Entered university of Stockholm. Supreme Court segregation case  
 1957Jur. kand.; first degree in lawThe Rome Treaty signed 
 1960Marriage to Marianne in AthensCastro in Cuba; U2 
 1961Fulbright scholarship to Harvard UniversityHammarskjöld killed; Berlin Wall erected 
 1962Fulbright scholarship to Univ. of California, Berkeley; Jur. lic.= Dr of LawThe Cuban crisis; Eichmann hanged 
 1962-68Work with Gunnar MyrdalThe Cold War dominates 
 1964Bought our first house in Asini, Greece Kennedy killed 1963; Vietnam war starts 
 1967   "Functional Socialism"
 1968Dr. of Law in Economics; exiled from Sweden, moves to ItalyStudent uprisings, The Prague spring"Western Economic Warfare"
 1970-74Inst. for comparative economic studies in Vienna, Austria  
 1971Visit to CubaThe Vietnam war"Kuba - seger eller nederlag?"
 1971  "Hyckleriets årtionde"
 1972UN expert in East AfricaIdi Amin in Uganda, Nixon reelected 
 1974Tenured prof. at Roskilde University, DenmarkOil crisis 1973-74; inflation; Nixon out"Harrying and Carrying Capacity"
1975-1977Member of "The 1980s Project" of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, USA "Lärobok för 80-talet", "Tankar om den fulla sysselsättningen"
 1976  (book, resulting from the Vienna job) "The Political Economy of East-West-South Co-operation"
 1978  (book, resulting from the New York job) "Reducing Global Inequities" (with Howard Wriggins.)
 1979Bought house on Capri, Italy; Created the Capri InstituteSecond oil crisis"Partiledarna och atomkraften", "Ett samhälle utan moral"
 1983  "Skolan-parkeringsplats för onödiga"
 1985  "Adrenalinstinna hannar. Om männens makt i samhället"
 1987GAK article on "Star-Wars--Another Form of Economic Warfare?" Scan J of Dev Alt, June-Sept 1987, p. 82Reagan wants anti-ballistic missiles"Adler-Karlssons Lilla Katekes...för tekniker"
 1988Left Roskilde University "Tio budord till Nordens tekniker"
 1989 Berlin wall falls"Lärobok för 90-talet"
 1990'sWork on "A Monotheistic Theory of Power" Four numbers published  
 1991Seminars on Capri 1979-2000The Soviet empire falls 
 1997  "Superhjärnornas kamp"
 2000Created Europe's first (?) philosophical park, on Capri "Meditations on Western Wisdom"
 2001Shaken by the fact that bin Laden hits Pentagon and World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001 - EVIL OR BIOLOGICAL TRAGEDY? "Tankar om Västvärldens Vishet"
 "En uppblåst bakteries memoarer"

This is number III:

Publications by , listed in the ”Regina” catalogue of books in the Royal Library in Stockholm in March, 2006:

Mendels gåva : vår nästa världsbild : med kritik av SOU 2004:20 : föreläsning på Lindahl-dagen i Uppsala den 3 februari 2005
ISBN 91-7910-646-3

En uppblåst bakteries memoarer / , Stockholm 2003, ISBN  91-631-3941-3 (inb.) :

Evil or biological tragedy? : an attempt at global empathy, lecture by  at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, on November 29th 2001, ISBN 91-7910-358-8

Tankar om västvärldens vishet /  ; översättning från engelskan av Carl Johan Ljungberg i samarbete med författaren, Stockholm 2001.
OriginalMeditation upon western wisdom.
ISBN 91-528-0557-3 (inb.) ;

Meditation upon western wisdom : guide to the Capri philosophical park / by , Stockholm 2000.

VariantMeditations on western wisdom

Riflessioni sulla saggezza occidentale : una guida al parco filosofico di Capri / di , Stockholm 2000.

Intelligensens genesis på gott och ont : socialdarwinistiska funderingar över Böckernas bok för Bokmässan 19 sept. 1999  
ISBN 91-7910-184-4

Superhjärnornas kamp : om intelligensens roll i samhället / , Stockholm 1998. Upplaga 2., omarb. uppl.ISBN 91-7054-892-7 (inb.) ;

Is a new wave of anti-semitism predetermined? / by , Stockholm 1999, ISBN 91-7910-162-3

IQ-avel och politik : om missbruk av vetenskap  , Stockholm 1997. ISBN 91-7910-089-9

Superhjärnornas kamp : om intelligensens roll i samhället / , Stockholm 1997.ISBN  91-7054-837-4 (inb.)

Ingår som del i: monotheistic theory of power [Stockholm] 1993, ISBN 91-7328-976-0
A monotheistic theory of power. 1, or, 10.000 years in 10 pages
A monotheistic theory of power. 2, or, A theory of disintegration, 1994 ;ISBN 91-7328-903-5
A monotheistic theory of power. 3, or, The Cain gene of the adrenalinomaniacs, 1995.
A monotheistic theory of power. 4, or, A new theory of basic human needs, ISBN 91-7910-139-9, Stockholm 1998.

Nyckeln till krisen : klipp och kommentarer om Sverige 1990-92 /  ... ; [i redaktionen: Mikael Esping ...] Utgiven Stockholm : Utbildningsradion, 1993 ; ISBN 91-26-94010-8 ;

Lärobok för 90-talet : om vår överlevnads villkor / Upplaga [Ny utg.] Stockholm 1992., ISBN 91-518-2515-5 ;

Lärobok för 90-talet : om vår överlevnads villkor / ISBN 91-518-2145-1 (inb.) ; Stockholm 1990.

90-luvun oppikirja : eloonjäämisemme ehdoista /  ; suomentanut Reto Halme, Helsingfors 1991 , OriginalLärobok för 90-talet., ISBN 951-884-084-9

Lärobok för 90-talet : om vår överlevnads villkor / Upplaga 2., rev. uppl., Stockholm, 1990 ; ISBN 91-518-2418-3 (inb.) ;

Sverige - världens mest framgångsrika kapitalism? Utgiven Göteborg : Zinderman, 1988 ; ISBN 91-528-0464-X (inb.) ;

Adler-Karlssons lilla katekes : med förklaringar till tio budord för tekniker, Utgiven Stockholm : Sveriges civilingenjörsförb., 1988 ; ISBN 91-9703-457-6

Skolen - parkeringsplass for unødvendige eller veien til det indre reviret? /  ; til norsk ved Aage Osv. Aakervik 1984, OriginalSkolan - parkeringsplats för onödiga eller vägen till det inre reviret?., ISBN 82-90562-07-1

Adrenalinstinna hannar : om männens makt i samhället, 1985. ISBN 91-528-0447-X (inb.) ;

Ajatuksia työllisyydestä /  ; toim. Mirja Karjalainen ; [käännös: Erkki Rekola], OriginalTankar om den fulla sysselsättningen. Utgiven Kuopio : Kustannuskiila, 1984, ISBN 951-657-127-1

Koulu - pysäköimispaikka tarpeettomille vai tie sisäiseen avartumiseen? /  ; [suomentaneet Arto ja Kirsti Ingervo], OriginalSkolan - parkeringsplats för onödiga eller vägen till det inre reviret?. Utgiven Helsinki : Tammi, 1984, ISBN 951-30-6029-2

Skolen - parkeringsplads for unødvendige eller vejen til det indre revir? /  ; på dansk ved Jandje Bjørn Hansen og Niels Egelund, OriginalSkolan - parkeringsplats för onödiga eller vägen till det inre reviret?. Utgiven  Hørsholm : Pædagogisk Psykologisk forl., cop. 1984, ISBN 87-88101-36-3

Skolan - parkeringsplats för onödiga eller vägen till det inre reviret? / Stockholm, 1983 ; ISBN 91-518-1619-9

Humanism och konsumism : en pamflett om kulturpolitiken i det snabbt föränderliga samhället, Stockholm : Statens kulturråd, 1981

Kulturrevolution som framtidsberedskap : kamp mot konsumism, nyfattigdom och globala orättvisor, Lund 1980. Serie Särtryck och småtryck från Pedagogisk-psykologiska institutionen, Lärarhögskolan i Malmö, Lunds universitet, [ISSN: 0349-1188 ;] Nr 341

De tre världarna /  ; övers. av Richard Matz, OriginalThe political economy of east-west-south co-operation., Utgiven Stockholm : Prisma, 1980 ; ISBN 91-518-1175-8 (inb.) ;

Le dialogue Nord-Sud et la réduction des inégalités / W. Howard Wriggins,  ; [trad. Jean Daché] Paris, 1980. OriginalReducing global inequities. Utgiven Paris : Economica, 1980, ISBN  2-7178-0280-0

Alternativt Sverige : [visioner, fakta och funderingar om ett framtida Sverige ur en artikelserie i veckotidningen Arbetaren] / med  ... Utgiven Stockholm : Arbetaren i samarbete med Federativ, 1979 ;

Tanker om den fulle sysselsettningen /  ; overs. av Knut Jemterud, Oslo 1979. ISBN 82-00-01893-8

Ungdom utan arbete : antologi / med bidrag av  ... ; sammanst. av Leif Duprez ; [träsnitt: Marja Ruta], Stockholm : Brevskolan, 1979 ; ISBN 91-574-0051-2 ;

Arbete i tredje världen : antologi / med bidrag av  ... ; sammanst. av Leif Duprez, Stockholm : Brevskolan, 1979 ; ISBN 91-574-0050-4
Partiledarna och atomkraften. Stockholm 1979 ISBN 91-518-1344-0 ;

Ett samhälle utan moral / Göteborg 1979 ; ISBN 91-528-0306-6 ;

Ny livsstil : vision eller nødvendighed / Bengt Fåglefelt ... i samtale med:  ... OriginalNy livsstil - vision eller nödvändighet., Utgiven København : Unitas, 1979, ISBN 87-7517-119-8

Der Kampf gegen die absolute Armut : die Kluft zwischen Nord und Süd wird immer grösser : was können wir tun? /  ; [aus dem Englischen übers. von Hansheinz Werner], OriginalStruggle against the absolute poverty. Upplaga Deutsche Erstausgabe. Fischer-Taschenbuch-Vlg, 1978, ISBN 3-596-24201-0

Tankar om den fulla sysselsättningen : ett arbetspapper / , Stockholm, 1978 ; ISBN 91-518-1266-5 ;

Reducing global inequities / W. Howard Wriggins, Utgiven New York : McGraw-Hill, cop. 1978, 1980s project studies / Council on Foreign Relations, [ISSN: 99-0125730-1],

Innehåll S. 119-180: Eliminating absolute poverty : an approach to the problem / ISBN 0-07-071925-X (inb.) ISBN 0-07-071926-8 (hft.)

Tankar om den fulla sysselsättningen : ett arbetspapper / , Stockholm, 1977 ;ISBN 91-518-1188-X ;

Nej til fuld beskæftigelse, ja til materiel grundtryghed : et arbejdspapir / af  ; [overs. fra svensk af Agnete Olsen], København : Erling Olsens forl., cop. 1977, ISBN 87-87711-00-1

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Three other items by and on :

1. Handbuch der deutschen Aussenpolitik, Herausgegeben von Hans-Peter Schwarz, Piper Verlag, München & Zürich 1975, Der Ost-West-Handel. Seite 314.

2. Lexikon des Sozialismus, Herausgegeben von Thomas Meyer et al, Bund Verlag, 1986, Dualwirtschaft, Seite 140, Funktionaler Sozialismus, Seite 194 und Schwedisches Modell, Seite 544.

3.Gerard Aalders & Cees Wiebes, The Art of Cloading,  in Swedish: Affärer till varje pris. Wallenbergs hemliga stöd till nazisterna. Wahlströms 1989  (where you, in the introduction, will find the reason why GAK had to leave Sweden and has lived outside of Sweden since 1968.)



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