Know yourself!
God created Man in his own image,
Water is the element and this is the origin....
War is the father of all things.
He didn't' want to seem best,but to be so.
Seeing the high Gods by her beauty's lure
There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.
...until political greatness and wisdom meet in one,
It follows that the state belongs to the class of objects
One's country is wherever one does well.
...that devil, envy did all the mischief,which the bad bear unto the good,
But if one should guide his life by true principles,
Give me chastity and continence, but not just now.
Ah God! Had I but studied in the days of my foolish youth.
If all evil were prevented, much good would be
Man was created by nature in such a way that reason might dominate the senses
...how we live is so far removed from how we ought to live,
...a kingdom is best entrusted to someone who is better endowed than the rest
In a state of nature we have....no arts, no letters, no society,
I think, therefore I am.
The only possible fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it.
He whose honor depends on the opinion of the mob
Legislation considers man as he is in order to turn him to good uses in human society. Out of
to "live in Ease, Without great Vices, is a vain
It is fortunate for men to be in a situation in which,
That action is best, which procures the greatest happiness
All is for the best in the best of possible worlds.
How small - of all that human hearts endure - that part which laws or kings can cause or cure.
Man is born free, and everywhere he is in fetters.
It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner,
Out of timber so crooked as that from which man is made nothing entirely straight can be built.
I offer you "...this picture of the human species, liberated from all chains, freed from the empire
...the age of chivalry is gone. -That of sophisters, economists, and calculators, has succeeded;
And yet all grandeur, all power, all subordination rests on the executioner;
The principal object of the present essay is to examine the effects of one great cause.
But even as we contemplate history as this butcher-block,
One has attributed to history the task, to judge the past, and to instruct the present to the benefi
Human societies are at the same time organisms and mechanisms.
It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied;
Nothing is easier than to admit in words the truth of the universal struggle for life,
...the theory of the Communists may be summed up in a single sentence:Abolition of private property
Life is essentially appropriation, injury, overpowering of the weaker, suppression, hardness
Society is a reality sui generis; it has its own characteristics which one does not find,
The characteristic of the moment is that the mediocre mind,
...behold the bustling crowds that work and trade in order to make a living..."
And it's not clear to me Who is a beast now, who is a man.
Whereof one cannot speak,thereof one must be silent.
The Human Genome Project "is the grail of human genetics... the ultimate answer to the commandment,
History is a violent elimination game, minimizing A/P.
If there is one of you who has not sinned, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.
In short, there are three things that last, faith, hope and love;

I think, therefore I am.

NameRené Descartes
Life1596 - 1650
"Je pense, donc je suis." "Cogito, ergo sum." This is the most influential stupidity ever formulated by a thinking man. Why stupid? Because it splits body from soul, man from animal and, worse, man from man. It is also, scientifically, plain wrong. Right is "famesco, ergo sum". Why influential? Because man is a dangerously vain animal. He loves to think himself superior to both other animals and other men, to say nothing about women. The old quip by the doctor who said: "I have dissected hundreds of bodies and never seen a trace of a soul", is still valid. Body and soul, the title of a beautiful old song, as well as body and mind, consciousness and intelligence are one. To split them into a phony "dualism" is nonsense! To some 98 percent, as already said, man is made of the same DNA-building blocks as the chimpanzees. His cultural existence, some 10,000 years, is but one day in an existence of at least 3,650,000 years as a bipedal animal. On 364 days of that megayear, we continued to live in essentially the same way as the chimps, subject to the normal laws of evolution. Only on New Years Eve of that megayear did we start to use our thinking capacity in a more refined way. That doesn't, however, make us into a "higher" animal, only into a "different" one. In no way does it justify our cruel treatment and near-extinction of our closest relatives, the chimpanzees, the gorillas and the orangutans. Worse yet, some differences in thinking capacity between man and man do exist. Combined with our enormous vanity, they easily lead to a treatment of our fellowmen like that of the big apes. Those with a somewhat higher abstract thinking capacity, also called intelligence
or IQ, love to imagine themselves "superior" to those with a lower. Inside the eternal power game, this is dangerous, as the former may feel justified to treat the latter as animals, slaves or as inferior "unemployables". Descartes's thinking is also scientifically wrong, doubly so. It is surely not thinking that makes us exist. A much more correct expression would be "famesco, ergo sum", that is, "I am hungry, thus I exist." That phrase might, however, not have pleased those who burned Giordano Bruno on Campo di Fiori in Rome when Descartes was only four years old. It is hunger, as Euripides said, with too many people on too small a land, that drives us to warfare. It is war, as Heraclitus knew, that stimulates our thinking into that creative activity that is "the father of all things", the father of all new cultural artifacts, of new technology as well as of better organizations. Descartes is wrong on another point as well. We do know a lot about the brain. We are starting to understand how a few hundred thousand different proteins are combining into billions of neurons, brain cells, and perhaps into a trillion connections between them, called synapses. Yet, we do not know how all these combine into soul, consciousness, mind or intelligence. Such ignorance, however, is in no way a proof that hungry man is different from hungry animals, or that he is a God-like creation by a higher Being. Such beliefs must still rest upon pure faith. What we have every reason to believe is that every man, woman and child must be given the same human value. Otherwise mankind will, again, easily fall into new forms of barbarism.


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