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If you are born on such a lovely island as Capri, you often want your children to be able to live there, too.
The city of
Naples is less than an hour away by hydrofoil. Those Neapolitans who can, want a place close by where they can relax once in a while. They, too, desire a house on Capri.
The island is only eleven square kilometres big. For long, it has been legally forbidden to build new constructions upon it. But “in mysterious ways of the South” houses have grown up anyway.                        
To save the last piece of pure nature from constructions on Via Migliara, freely open to you, as to any lover of nature, was the original reason to buy this piece of property and save its beauty from houses and enclosure.

Such a beauty stimulates a visitor to meditate upon the important things in human life and society. To help him or her, some sixty philosophical quotations can, as said, be found along the small paths. To stimulate you to meditate upon them is a second reason for creating this Park.

Here enters one special idea: Since half a century, European leaders have been experimenting with wisdom. They are testing something rather unique. They try to get rid of their borders instead of enlarging them. Europe is trying to replace two millennia of violent warfare with peaceful cooperation.

The Park wants to remind you of some of the old thinkers who have prepared Europe for this attempt. If it remains successful, this wise experiment will become a good example for the rest of the world. The Park offers a place of “Meditation upon Western Wisdom”, as is the title of the guide-book of it.


Almost all of the world is today changed into a commercial circus. The Park is, thirdly, to some extent, a little protest against the commercialization of life; the entrance is now open for 24 hours a day for 365 days a year without any entrance fee.  And so it will be as long as this functions equally well as it has done so far

Like the knowledge of Copernicus and Darwin once did, the fast growing genetic or Mendelian science is now bound to affect our world views, our philosophical “Weltanschauung”. That, too, is an intellectual element behind the Park, the one that explains our logo, a Greek phi for philosophy, in which the central vertical line has been replaced by the double helix of Mendelian genetics



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