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see below! 

There are no scheduled lectures in the Park in 2008.

Would you, dear reader, be interested in being guided by the founder of the Park,

me,  prof Gunnar Adler-Karlsson, it will be a pleasure for me to do so, on the 

condition that our times can be matched.  I plan to be on Capri from early May until the

middle of July and also all of October 2008. Please, contact me at

adler.karlsson@capri.it   or  leave a message for me to contact you at

Ristorante Gelsomina, tel  39-081 837 1499.



I heard about very interesting sessions with GAK at Villa Munthe, some years ago. Discussions/seminars around ethics, and questions around our lives. Is anything like that being planned for this year or next? I would really be interested in participating!

Best Regards

Ingrid Christensson
Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46-76-8428114

  Posted by Ingrid Christensson, on Monday, 25 May 2009 at 4:46

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